24 Port + 24 FXS ONU

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REVO 624FE-24FXS 4 Port ONU

Special Features
   ? Plug and play, features auto-detecting, auto-configuration, and auto firmware upgrade, etc.
   ? Integrated OAM remote configuration and maintenance function.
   ? Support rich QinQ VLAN functions and IGMP Snooping multicast features.
   ?PON is 1:1 redundant design, supports transceiver diagnostic monitoring, transmitter disable.
   ? Strong anti-thunder capability on Ethernet interface(4KV) and power supply(6KV).
   ? Integrated line testing compliant with GR-909 on POTS.
   ? Support redundant power supply.
   ? Integrated power off alarm and broken fibre alarm.
   ? Fully compatibility with OLT based on Broadcom/PMC/Cortina chipset.

Technical parameters
Technical items
Upstream PON interface 1 or 2 EPON ports, SC single-mode/single-fibre, symmetric 1.25GbpsV5628-16AF supports 1 EPON only
Optical wavelength Tx 1310nm, Rx 1490nm
Optical interface SC connector
Downstream LAN interface 24 10/100Mbps auto adaptive Ethernet interfaces, Full Duplex  /Half Duplex, RJ45 connectors
Console interface 2, one for EPON MAC, the other for Data, RJ45 connector
Packet loss =1*10E-11
DC power supply ~220Vac and -48Vdc, redundant design
Power switch 1,power on and off
Power consumption V5628-2A, 16AF: =30W; V5628-2C: =50W
Operating condition Operating temp: -30~+55?
operating humidity:10~90%(non-condensed)
Storing condition Storing temp: -30~+60?
 Storing humidity:10~90%(non-condensed)
Dimension V5628-2A,2C: 480mm*44.5mm*240mm(length*width*height)
V5628-16AF: 480mm*44.5mm*207mm(length*width*height)
Net weight V5628-2A: 3.12Kg, V5628-2C: 3.24kG, V5628-16AF:2.84Kg

Data Service Functions
    ? Support 16 or 24*10/100BASE-T full speed switching.
    ? Max throughput: 9.5Mpps.
    ? Switch capability: 14.4Gbps.
    ? Learning up to 32K MAC addresses. 
    ? Support for 4K VLANs based on MAC/IP-subnet/protocol, double-tag, IEEE802.1Q/802.1p,  IEEE802.1 QinQ, IEEE802.1ad, VLAN translation/trunk/stacking.
    ? Support IEEE802.3x Flow control.
    ? Support 1K Layer 2 multicast groups. 
    ? Support broadcast packet rate control.
    ? Support STP/RSTP.
    ? QoS: support eight CoS queues per port, CoS SP/WRR/SP+WRR, etc.
    ? Port Security: support IEEE802.1x, port rate limitation, binding MAC address and IP address  to a specific port.
    ? Support IGMP Snooping. 
    ? Support ACL security policy, support access control based on source/destination IP address, source/destination TCP/UDP port and protocol.
    ? Packet filtering based on port, MAC, VLAN ID, IPv4/IPv6, etc.

POTS Service Functions
    ? Call protocol: SIP(IMS compatible)/H.248(Megaco)/MGCP optional, seamless compatible with all popular call agent.
    ? Integrate heartbeat function and support active/standby call agent.
    ? Voice coding: ITU-T G.711/G.723.1(5.3K/6.3Kbit/s)/G.729, auto-negotiate with call agent.
    ? Echo cancellation exceeding ITU-T G.165/G.168-2002, up to 128ms tail length.
    ? Support high/low speed fax, bypass fax, and T38 fax.
    ? Support high speed MODEM(56Kbps) dial access.
    ? Support RFC2833 and redundant RFC2833, difference rings, MD5 authentication, call forward, call waiting, hot-line call, alarm clock, and all kinds of value-added voice service.
    ? Multi-party conferencing.
    ? Line testing according to GR-909.
    ? IP address assignment: dynamic PPPoE/DHCP Client and static IP.
    ? Support WEB, CLI,IVR.
    ? Integrated OAM.
    ? Call loss less than 0.01%.

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